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Ms Cordes' I class My Story activity

English language practice

Skillswise- English & maths practice for adults (BBC)

Translation Dictionaries

Arabic - English
Arabic - English
Farsi - English
Farsi - English
Karen - English
Tagalog - English

Links for many language dictionaries

Electronic Books

Awesome Stories Interesting information on many themes (historical, social, movies etc) written in a nonfiction book style with clickable links to pictures. Lots of American themes but also lots of general info.

International Children's Digital Library eBooks in LOTE with good graphics; aims to have books in 100 languages; some dual language texts. Click on the globe of the world to select a country.

Dust Echoes A series of 12 beautifully animated dreamtime stories from Central Arnhem Land, telling stories of love, loyalty, duty to country and Aboriginal custom and law. Watch the movies, do the quizzes or mash them up to make your own video versions of the stories.

The Le@rning Federation's learning objects are available free to all Australian schools. They are located in MyClasses. Go to the side menu and choose Search, then Resources and in the "Search type" box select Learning Federation.

Australianscreen Online resources can be found in The Learning Federation. This is a collection of clips from films, documentaries, newsreels and animations made in Australia over the past 100 years. Teacher notes are included. Categories include history, environment, identity, indigenous Australia, science, sports, health, arts, citizenship, values, war.

Tumblebooks Easy to read eBooks for children. Choose Find and then Online resources. Type your ACT library card number and PIN number. Scroll down to Tumblebooks.

Inside a Dog Funky new Australian Young Adult literature site with sample chapters, reviews, forums, quizzes, games, writer in residence etc.

Dave's ESL Cafe Help centre for students. Forums, quizzes, dictionary of slang.

Aboriginal Culture

Arrernte Culture

Attack on Pearl Harbour

Attack on Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor
Attack at Pearl Harbor, 1941
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Sunday, December 7, 1941
Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor?

Japanese American Internment Camps

Japanese American internment (Wikipedia)
Teaching With Documents: Documents and Photographs Related to Japanese Relocation During World War II
Teaching about Japanese-American Internment. ERIC Digest
Read the story of a boy who was sent to an internment camp
Why the camps were set up
Japanese American internment

Internment camps across the world

List of concentration and internment camps around the world

Migrant history of Australia

Migrant history Australia websites.docx

Australian Endangered Species

Endangered Species of Australia
EPBC Act List of Threatened Fauna (Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation)

Places in Australia

Tourism Australia
Places in Australia (Lonely Planet)

Online Activities

The Street : World Music (BBC Radio - find out about 5 different families and 5 different cultures, India, Ireland, Brazil, Turkey and Nigeria and their music.) Gather information about Australia or your country and offline or in a wiki construct your house. Use Skype to connect and compare with cultures of other students. (More in iLearn Technology.)

Quizlet Study languages, test your knowledge, make flashcards.

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