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Links to ebooks (great for research), Weblinks (excellent websites), Hot Topics (newspaper articles), databases, Oliver library catalogue and TV4Education online video delivery system.

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Download to a computer or your own device via Oliver, the library catalogue.

Oliver is available in the Digital Backpack and can be accessed from anywhere - home or school. The Backpack also has Office 365, Google Classroom and Google Drive.

https://backpack.ed.act.edu.au Also at: https://OPAC.ed.act.edu.au



or ask this computational knowledge engine:

Find resources and databases at NLA:

Booko A very cool Australian site that compares prices of books & DVDs by searching through suppliers from around the world.
Choose the price you want and the supplier and see postage costs.

What's cool?

we were liars.jpg

"We are liars. We are beautiful and
privileged. We are cracked and
broken. A tale of love and romance. A tale of tragedy. Which are lies? Which is truth? You decide".

"Stylish, compelling and heartbreaking...the plot twist is breathtakingly successful..."

Click here for more info.
Technology, popular culture, film, book & media news
Click here for more information & blog.

Top 200 tools for learning 2016
A good list of tools to use for presentations, research,
collaboration etc. Includes Twitter, Dropbox, Prezi, Scoopit, Evernote, Diigo, PowToon, Canva, Kahoot, Pinterest, Slideshare, Nearpod...

Top 100 tools for education

Bookmark your favourite websites and access them anywhere. Easy!

Another easy way to bookmark websites.

Put anything you like on your blank wall - notes etc.

A great source of photos - freely available to use.

A wide variety of Creative Commons free music
by Kevin MacLeod - search by genre & feel.

QR code generator
Create your own Quick Response codes. Easy! http://qrcode.kaywa.com/
Click here for more information and blog.

Digital backpack
Click here - includes Oliver library catalogue, Office 365, Google Drive and Google Classroom.
What's new?

Non fiction

  • Steampunk: fantasy art, fiction, fashion, movies - H. Winchester

  • Positive bodies: loving the skin you're in - V. Lewis

  • How music got free - S. Witt

  • Stop think go do: how typography and graphic design influence behaviour - S. Heller

  • The explainer: from deja vu to why the sky is blue - The Conversation

Fiction & Autobiography

  • Certain dark things - M. J. Pack

  • The invisibles - G. Morrison

  • Earth 2: the gathering - J. Robinson

  • The haunting of Hill House - S. Jackson

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