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CLIO - History Journal Research papers written by Dickson College students and teachers of history since 1996.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project
World History Compass
Hyperhistory Online Project
Best of History Web Sites
BBC History
The Bible Gateway
Primary Sources : History : John Hopkins University (http://guides.library.jhu.edu/content.php?pid=17582&sid=119477 - click Primary Sources tab)

Ancient History

BBC : History : Ancient history
CLIO : History Journal Written by Dickson College students and teachers of history.
The Ancient Greek World
The Internet Classics Archive
Perseus Project
Roman Personalities : an Internet Hotlist
Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World
Best of History sites: Mesopotamia

Medieval History

Internet Medieval Sourcebook
CLIO - History Journal Written by Dickson College students and teachers of history.
Best of History Websites: Medieval history (Middle Ages)
The Medieval Technology Pages
NetSERF: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources
Inside Ely Cathedral
Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts Digital Scriptorium
The History Guide : Lectures on Ancient and Medieval European History (no. 26 is The 12th Century Renaissance)
Turning the pages: online gallery of texts
Online Medieval and Classical Library

Modern History

Modern History - USA History
WWW-VL : History : United States
Internet Modern History Sourcebook
National Archives Experience : Digital Vaults
Best of History sites
Teaching With Documents: Lesson Plans (Primary documents from National Archives of US)
Primary Sources http://primarysources.wikispaces.com/ (Pathfinder - many links about primary sources and to them, particularly U.S.)
The History Place
Doing The Decades http://doingthedecades.wikispaces.com/ (Pathfinder - mainly U.S.)

Modern History - Terrorism
terrorismfiles.org : Definition of Terrorism

Modern History - World War 1
BBC History: World War 1
BBC History: slide shows WW1

Modern History - Nazi Germany
BBC History: World War 2
BBC History: The Holocaust
Adolf Hitler Table of Contents (Jewish Virtual Library)
The History Place : The Rise of Adolf Hitler
Nazi Germany
German Propaganda Archive (Calvin College)
Hitler's Lost Sub (NOVA Online)
Hitler Historical Museum (claims to be objective, no mention of holocaust)

Aboriginal Studies
National Sorry Day Committee
Message Stick : ABC Indigenous Online
State Library of New South Wales : Aboriginal Australian Links
Twelve Canoes - in depth view of the society and culture of the Yolngu people of Ramingining in Arnhem Land.

Websites on the Stolen Generations:
Bringing them home: The 'Stolen Children' report (1997) (Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission)
Rabbit-Proof Fence : the Question of 'Intent' in History

Australian History
Project Gutenberg of Australia: Australian History
Project Gutenberg of Australia: Journals of Australian Land and Sea Explorers and Discoverers
Project Gutenberg of Australia: Australian Explorers, Discoverers and Pioneers
Guide to Australia

Biography (search 25,000 popular figures)
Infoplease Biography (search 30,000 people (encyclopedia, almanac, dictionary), or browse categories)

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